Episode 3 – Exploring the Money-Talk Taboo

Money is a taboo topic for many people. But when a family has avoided talking about money, they’re likely to experience significant challenges when a loved one requires long-term care.

In today’s episode, Tom West and Arvette Reid discuss the importance of talking to your family about money and why it makes a difference in a long-term care situation. They explore:

  • Reasons why people resist money-talk
  • Why it may be harder for those with health needs to discuss their finances
  • How to approach talking about money with loved ones during a healthcare event
  • How lifecare affordability planning can help families put finances and healthcare into perspective and get everyone on the same page
  • And more

Join Tom and Arvette now as they explore the psychological side of the money taboo, and how lifecare affordability planning may help your family overcome financial barriers and get the best care for your loved ones.

Resources:  SEIA