Episode 11 — 5 Steps for Managing Other People’s Money

You might feel stressed out while managing someone else’s money during their time of need. And understandably so. 

Between navigating unknown financial and healthcare territories to facing pressures from family members, there is a lot to consider and knowing where to start can be just as challenging.

Today, Tom West and Arvette Reid share five actionable steps for managing other people’s money, so you can stop worrying and start making decisions that will help you achieve the best possible outcomes.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The different standard of care you may apply when managing someone else’s money compared to your own
  • Ways you can start gathering the financial information you need
  • The importance of determining the outcomes you’re most hopeful for and most afraid of
  • How to evaluate financial options based on the needs of the person in need of care
  • And more!

Join Tom and Arvette now to learn what steps to take when managing money for your loved one.

Resources:  Lifecare Affordability Plan | SEIA