Episode 12 — The Power of Community Services — With Guest, Mary Lee Anderson

Whether you’re facing a health crisis or the challenges that come with aging, there are several resources that can help ease the burden — and chances are, many of them are in your own community.

Today, Tom West and Arvette Reid are joined by guest Mary Lee Anderson to explore the benefits that community services have to offer the senior population and those in need of support. As the executive director of Senior Services of Alexandria, Mary Lee knows how impactful it can be for people to access the support they need in areas like nutrition, transportation, communication, and education.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • About the types of services that Senior Services of Alexandria offers and how they fill unmet needs
  • Why it’s a myth that community services are only for low-income individuals 
  • What the most rewarding part of Mary Lee’s job is
  • Why there’s a blind spot in the senior population about available resources
  • And more!

Join Tom, Arvette, and Mary Lee now to learn how you may benefit from community services!

Resources:  Lifecare Affordability Planning | SEIA | Senior Services of Alexandria: (703-836-4414)